Good & Bad Situations…

It’s a new day!! The best day of your life. filled with all sorts of situations, that your mind labels good or bad. It doesn’t really matter. There will always be situations. Underneath all that thought, is you! The YOU that is full of joy, peace and love! If you look, you will find it,if you listen, you will hear it, if you bring it forward in your day, you will live it.     It’s your day!!

Fellow Humans…

It’s a new day!!! Be aware when you are dealing with your fellow humans. We often ask how or why they do what they do. When we do this, expectation seeps in, creating more conflict for us. It’s as if our questions will change the person. Sometimes, dropping the questions, allows us to see the individual clearly. We then say, this is how they are, this is what they do. We can then deal with them from a conscious point of view. This leads to handling them better. It also works for many of life’s situations, and on ourselves. The how’s and why’s are great for learning. Yet, there is a difference between questioning which creates more conflict in our lives and questioning which leads to understanding. There is a difference!  The present mind learns to recognize these differences, and real change comes to the forefront in our lives.    It’s your day!!

Waking Up With Patrick

It’s the first day of the rest of our lives!!! This is the moment, where our lives truly unfold. It includes the endless stream of thought going on in our minds. The thoughts just come, real thinking is different. Real thinking includes a conscious awareness of the thought stream. With practice, by (observing the stream of thought) we separate from it. We become present minded. We live spending more time separate from thoughts of the past and less time fantasying about the future. A future  which only exists as thoughts in our minds. We can not live in the future, for the future is always now. We must teach ourselves to Live in the moment. In the moment, the present mind knows what to do, what to say, how to handle the situation before us. In the moment the “present mind” is clear to experience true peace, love and joy which has been drowned out by the excessive noise of programmed condition thinking. It’s a new day! The best day of our lives!!!

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