Waking Up With Patrick…

Theology; Theologians study religious practices, and the results of these practices and studies on their own human experience.  They study their perception of God, (as they define it) religious beliefs and how they believe God sees them and how they should see God. Meditation fits your theology.

Practicing meditation. A simple meditation, count inside your mind or out loud, from 1 to 100. Observe the thoughts, if a thought pulls you in, as soon as you realize it has, go back to counting. If you don’t remember where you left off, begin again. Practice your meditations throughout your day, here and there.

Practice Meditation

It’s a new day!

Practicing meditation. A simple meditation, count your breaths from 1 to 4 focusing your attention on your breathing. When a thought comes in, observe the thought and then bring your focus back to your breathing. If the thought takes you into a mental movie or a fantasy, as soon as you realize the mind has pulled you in, go back to observing your breaths. You can do this all day long; you should do it all day long, here and there. Do this until you don’t have to. Until you have become ever-present. Consciousness comes forward and you live in a state of conscious awareness, mindfulness, peace, love and joy. Start the practice of meditating through your day. When you are observing yourself, you do it non-judgmentally.

It’s Your Day!