Pointers, a bit of advice. A lesson or words that set you in motion towards a goal, understanding, knowledge, etc. A style of teaching which leads the way to or hints at explanations words can only describe. The definition includes the fact that words only point. True state of being in situations must be experienced to be known.

The student spoke to the teacher stating, “You have taught me many ways to meditate and I have tasted the joy, peace, and love that comes when I am not engrossed in the thoughts of my mind. Can you elaborate on what some call the positive state of being?” “Yes, of course, meditation teaches you how and allows you to separate from the stream of thought that flows through your mind. I can point to it, I can point to a state of awareness that despite what you may define as negative goes on yet, you remain unaffected. Not in a state of emotionlessness or numb to everything. Rather in a state of acceptance and surrender to what is and to what is going on. Not weakness. Not turning a closed eye to what you define as wrong in the world. A state of presence which includes all the workings of your mind and the world, yet you are unblemished. A point of such understanding that you no longer conflict with reality which includes the cycle of life and death. Then you’re free. Your mind no longer pulls you into negativity and joy and love become your response to everything. It is then you know how to love each other, then when your true compulsions to right the wrongs you define before you goes into action. Despite everything going on… you find that everything is as it is, and you are in such a state of conscious awareness you then can and know how to bring some light to the darkness. Not compelled by a desire to do good, naturally moving in a direction to do well for yourself and the world. As one once said you ‘make presence your goal and peace your greatest gift to the world.’”

Meditation. Try this out here and there when it comes to your mind. Observe a response (which you may label as negative) to a thought or a situation going on in your mind or outside of you. Bring your awareness to the conflict created in your mind over the situation. Point out to yourself the cause of negativity. It may be caused by your lack of acceptance, a conflict with reality, a need to have someone take on your views whatever the cause of the undesirable feelings are; then bring your attention to the part of you observing the situation. Then go back or to wherever the next moment leads. That observing presence is you. A state of being with no thought, no conflict, no negativity.

It’s a new day, your day…

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Consciousness. Some define it as the state of being (which some call presence) awake (not in the dreams of thought) and aware of your surroundings and the happenings outside of your mind, as well as, inside your mind. Many will tell you that consciousness is love and love is consciousness. Many also believe it to be the awareness of our own existence, our minds and our beings, i.e. self-awareness. Some teachers point to consciousness as the awareness of all that exists. As if consciousness is the presence that underlies all of existence and is somehow aware of its own existence.  As the student holds no limits on possibility, we are aware that no answers are finite.

You may have heard it before, perhaps even said it yourself:  “oh, I was so busy in my thoughts that I was unaware of what was going on around me.” Or “I never would have mentioned it, had I known that.”  “I was unaware of this, because I was busy with that.” “I was so preoccupied with this, I missed that.”  “I was so engulfed by the repetitive workings of my conditioned, programed mind that I missed wonderful moments in my life. I was so unaware that I was spending a life time busy in my mind, while the true joy and splendor of the human existence passed me by.  I was unaware. I was unconscious…”

A simple meditation, try it out here and there, when it comes to your mind, or not:  You may be of a conscious level of being where you can make a choice or, maybe not quite yet. If you are not yet, that’s ok, you are in the process of waking up, be conscious of that, be aware of the process. Meditate on the moments when your awareness kicks in and on the moments when you realize that you are so deeply fixed on a thought that you lost awareness of the moment and the happenings going on inside and outside of you. It’s ok. Be aware of the additional conflict you mind creates when you realize you’re in there. Bring your attention to the moment (count your breaths, look at a tree, do whatever you do. Use whatever you use as a focus for your meditations), then point out to yourself your conscious awareness of what just happened. You were in thought, recognized you were there, focused on the moment and returned to presence. You returned to conscious awareness of the moment and all it contains.

It’s a new day, a new moment… Yours!