Love. There are many definitions for the word. In most religions, it is God and everything God does. For many devoted to humanity and all existence, love is the one true religion. For many others, love is that indescribable feeling we have for each other, nature, the creatures, our children and, ultimately, for ourselves; a feeling which holds no limits or expectations on one another and all that exists around us. Many people say that they are in love with this person or that thing, until expectations are not met or conditions change the parameters or the rules that one uses to define love. Those feelings are not necessarily love. You don’t fall in and out of love, that is something else. For the present minded, love is unconditional, never-ending and the essence of all that is. It is that missing essential link to fill the woes of humanity.

The young person went to their mother and father and proclaimed, “I have found the person of my dreams, the one I love above and before all others. I am sure of it, this is the one.” The wise parents understood that their child’s love was real, at least for the child. We often love from where we are on our journey, only to find love changes. The young person came to their mother and father and said, “Woe is me, I have lost my love for this person, I expected this and they turned out to be that. I don’t love them anymore.” The father and mother comforted their child and explained, “You love your dog and your cat, the flowers and the trees, and you love those things that you expect nothing from.” Expectation, rules and conditions are not love. Love is something else.

A simple meditation. Here and there, throughout your day, when it comes to your mind, or not, meditate on the things that you love. Make yourself aware of those things that you say you love, that are based on circumstances, expectations, and conditions. Compare that love with the love you have for things beyond those limits. That love that you feel beyond words, beyond understanding. Make a note to yourself, the difference between true love and the love you felt before. It’s a new day.

Good News

“Good news.” Defining “good news” is rather simple, almost self-explanatory. Good news is good news. It’s an event or the knowledge of something that you label as positive or good. The evangelist speaks of the “Good News” as the knowledge of the coming of the Kingdom of God, which is really good news for the devout and theologians. Keep in mind, that the labeling is subjective to the human being.  You have heard it before:  what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  Meaning, what is good news to some is also good news to others. In the state of conscious awareness, we understand that nothing is really good or bad, it just is. And that’s okay.

Often times, our religions tell us there is good news, a level of peace and joy achievable through faith and grace, yet they neglect to tell us how to achieve these goals.  I have some good news for you.  The experience of the glory and grace of all creation is already yours. It is clouded by the workings of your overactive and often all-consuming mind. There is another way to live your life; through mindful awareness and the conscience experience of what it is to be human. There is a way to separate yourself from the often negative workings of your mind. To silence your thoughts (those you are not in control of) so that your mind is free to experience the true nature of your being. And if not to silence them, at least achieve a level of conscious awareness so that they have less negative effect on you. Your true nature is one of peace, love and joy. The good news I tell you today is:  the cure for the majority of your mental anguish is simplistic and waiting for you. Learn and practice mindfulness, awareness, and meditation.  If you don’t know how, learn. If you’re not ready, then let the sufferings of your mind lead you to the moment you are.

A simple meditation: Throughout your day, here and there, when it comes to mind or not, bring your attention to how you label the news that you hear. Be aware of how your mind labels it as good or bad. Take a moment. Think. (There is a difference between purposeful thinking and the stream of thought.) If you were in a different mood, would that cause you to label the moment differently? If your mind adds non-applicable thoughts to the moment, bring your attention back to the observation of how you’re labeling the news. Remember, nothing is inherently good or bad. Things just are. It’s a new day. Your day.


Yoga, simply defined… defining yoga is not all that simple. For some it means a connectedness, an experience of conscious connection to the one ultimate existence that we all share. For others, it is a routine of exercises and stretches that improve the overall quality of their lives.  And for others still, a focus of meditation that leads them to mindful, present conscious awareness. An awareness of our true state of being, that is not negatively impacted by the workings of our often programmed conditioned minds. Researchers believe that yoga has been practiced by humans for 5,000-10,000 years. There is not a single sport on the planet that does not include yoga practices in their preparatory workouts.  Yoga. The mere word has some of us running for cover, just another form of exercise for us to avoid and an athletic ability we cannot obtain. That is all mind stuff. Yoga is simply stretching and moving your body in such a way, throughout your day, bringing health and vitality. Keep in mind, as with anything, there are different levels of yoga. Basically, yoga means stretch. You could try some yoga.

For many, yoga practices are a powerful and useful meditation. A wise Yogi once said, “Every movement is as a statement.”  The practitioner focuses their attention on the pose (stretch), while they observe their stream of thought; bringing their attention back to the pose if their mind pulls them into thinking. The Yogi practices simple yoga moves throughout their day. During everyday tasks, they add a little stretch to their moment, meditating on the sensation of the movement. So often we have a tendency to move uncomfortably, awkwardly with grunts and groans because our bodies are so stiff from lack of motion. Bring some grace into your movements.

A Simple mediation. Throughout your day, here and there, when it comes to mind, bring a little yoga into the moment. As you bend to pick up something or reach up to grab something off the shelf, take the opportunity to add a comfortable stretch to the movement. Allow the stretch to become a momentary focus of meditation, focusing on the sensation while observing your mind. Enhance your moments by bringing in some yoga.  It’s a new day! Your day!

10,000 Hours

10,000 hours. Currently there are some teachings in the world telling people that the state of conscious presence is available to all of us through meditation. The idea is that 10,000 hours of proper meditation practices will lead any human being to the state of conscious presence.  We learn to apply meditation practices to our daily routines, work, hobbies, sounds, nature, etc.  Our time spent in these daily meditations, contributes to the 10,000 hours that is believed necessary to be separated from the conditioned programmed mind.

We remind ourselves about meditation every day. We practice daily using the things that happen around us such as sounds, objects, smells, etc. as the focus for our meditations. We meditate by focusing our attention in observing and acknowledging the stream of thought and then return our attention to the focus of whatever we are choosing to meditate on in the moment. If the mind pulls us into more thinking, as soon as we realized we’ve been pulled in, we bring ourselves back to the subject of our focus. The only thing that we are adding to our day is the observation of the stream of thought; the more we observe, the more we separate from it. As we separate from the stream, clear concise thinking, comes to the forefront of our lives. We then experience peace, love and joy beyond our previous understanding.

A simple meditation:  throughout your day, here and there, when it comes to your mind or not, use routine daily tasks such as cooking, washing your hands, repetitive tasks that you regularly perform as objects of your meditation. Do your duties (joyfully) and include your awareness of the thoughts that come and go. Do it enough that change comes to your life. You wake up. It’s a new day! Your day!